C.F Martin & CO

It keeps on advancing, presenting procedures and highlights that have become industry principles, including X-bracing, the 14-fret guitar, and the “Dreadnought” size. Martin guitars are hand-made by gifted expert men and women, one of the world’s driving acoustic instrument creators, who utilize a mix of new designs and techniques alongside those presented by the organization founder.

Martin is likewise known for creating top-caliber, famous acoustic guitar strings, and they have been making their strings since 1970. They include the fruitful Martin SP Lifespan, the energizing new Retro Strings line played, and the Martin SP Acoustic and SP Flexible Core lines, which utilize an industry driving core wire to hold the guitar’s tunings better.

Martin guitars and Martin strings are the instruments and strings of choice for many artists throughout the world, from the symbols and icons of rock, pop, country, and folk to those simply starting their musical journey or career. They can be seen across all portions of mainstream pop culture, from TV to motion pictures, Broadway, books, on the internet, and gracing the fronts of well-known magazines on newsstands all over.

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