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This website is built simply for the purpose of sharing my personal thoughts/ideas on the subjects of Running and Track & Feld, and Music and Guitars.

Education – Simon Fraser University

Student – Communications

Athlete – NCAA Division 2

Bilingual – French and English

“Run fast, Turn Left.”

Nicholas Bauernschmitt

-Student. Athlete. Vancouver B.C-

My name is Nicholas Bauernschmitt; my friends call me Bauer. I was raised in a small town called Pembroke, Ontario, also referred to be as “Hockey Town Canada”. I am a Communications student currently studying at Simon Fraser University situated in Vancouver, British Columbia. I also represent SFU as a Track and Field athlete and have competed in the sport since early high school. Apart from running, I love music, especially playing the guitar; I love beer; especially craft, most of all, I love my friends and family.

I hope you find something here that might resonate with you,



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